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We help companies in compiling and executing a comprehensive strategy for enterprise mobility management and developing a corresponding software solution.
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Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management

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Time Optimization

Employees can seamlessly communicate in real-time, securely send data, and share resources regardless of their current location.

Cost Effectiveness

Reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining commodity hardware by enabling employees to use personal systems for work.


Multi-tier Security

Enterprise mobility management services provide more visibility in access hierarchy so that you can prevent and detect data breaches.

Empowering Employees

Democratize your organization by putting more power in the hands of employees. Our EMM solutions would still enable you to monitor employees.

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Remote Team Collaboration

Enable your geographically distributed teams to communicate, interact, and collaborate with each other under highly effective medium.

Work Flexibility

You can hire people located in a different geographical region without needing them to show up at workplace to maximize work flexibility.

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Our Enterprise Mobility Management Features

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Mobile Device Management

Configure devices to maximize mobility between teams and track location of each device in real-time. Remotely monitor and modify settings and manage apps on employee’s phone.

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Mobile Security Management

Ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability through access hierarchy, robust encryption and data backup schemes. Implement policies for remote wiping and jailbreak.

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Mobile Application Management

MAM ensures app-specific encryption and authentication. It allows whitelisting of applications which are safe enough to use and a robust blacklisting implementation policy.

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Mobile Content Management

Integrate organization’s data with applications and get actionable insights through data analytics. Provide seamless, real-time access to remote teams and place encryption.

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How Mob Inspire drives Enterprise Mobility?

Mob Inspire assists businesses to make the most out of their ability to collaborate with geographically distributed teams. Our Mobile Application Management and Security management services ensure that your data remains safe regardless of the origin of its access. We also work directly with the employees to help determine the best possible way to create a network and the organizational processes.

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