Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is one of the most crucial components of software engineering (SE). Using effective SQA approaches and practices enable the organizations to cut the development costs and minimize the probability of failure significantly. Years of efforts by international regulatory bodies of software to develop comprehensive software QA standards. These standards allow organizations to determine the efficacy of SE approaches.
Mob Inspire uses SCRUM model which enables performing SQA practices as the developers build each module. SCRUM defines a set of rules essential to ensure effective application of agile methodology.

Characteristics of SQA

  • Quality assurance focuses on processes involved in the software development lifecycle. The aim is to ensure that each process adheres to the globally accepted standards.
  • General set of preventive techniques which are applicable to all products of an organization unlike quality control (software testing). These techniques ensure bug prevention and software validation.
  • Bug prevention guarantees that the implementation of SE eliminates the possibility of frequently occurring bugs. Validation is to guarantee that software fulfills the needs of users. This is crucial because, at times, the software might be bug-free but may not be able to address customer-specific requirements

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