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Our Software Quality Assurance Process


Defect Detection

A team of developers conduct this quality check. At times, access to software with bug reporting tool is given to a selection of users as well.

Graphics and UI/UX

Bug Listing

The bug list holds information on all the bugs that occurred during the sprint and how they were fixed.


We focus on usability as the top priority as for application should be easy to learn and easy to use.


Bug Reporting

The bug reports contain all the necessary information about the bugs such as the type and possible way of correction.


Application must be secure and should prevent any security threats such as unauthorized access.


The developers must ensure that the software is reliable enough to sustain itself in any condition and any environment.

Software quality assurance services

Bug Fixing

After the bugs are fixed, the team performs black-box testing to make sure there are no more bugs and software behaves as intended.


Maintenance should be smooth and cost-effective. Different versions of the product should be easily maintained.

Software Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Software quality assurance is an integral part of the software development lifecycle which concentrates on preventing an action, activity or process that may damage the overall quality of the software. Two approaches, namely defect management process, and quality attributes approach are used when making sure that the software is top-quality.

Our software quality assurance process is a part of a bigger picture of app development methodology

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